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Herbal Hydro Mist

Herbal Hydro Mist

SKU: 36523641234523

These witch hazel and water based mists are infused with botanicals to deliver delightful scents and healing compounds directly to you. Spray them directly on your skin to experience a breath of fresh botanical air!


Choose from the following options:


Forest Toner - in a cobalt blue bottle - this mist is infused with cedar, douglas fir, ocean spray and yarrow. These plants are strong antiseptics and deliver the beautiful cooperative energetics of the forest and our plant relatives.


Sweet Fern Mist - in an amber bottle - this mist is infused with sweet fern which is a delightful scent and very soothing for rashes and skin irritations. It's divine and grounded smell and presence help us to remind us of our connection with both earth and sky.

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